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Experiences in Crete

Summer is the perfect opportunity to have as many experiences in Crete as you can! From sun bathing at the most exotic places, to walking around the Old Town of Chania and tasting the local cuisine, the options are unlimited. Holidays in Crete sounds like a dream come true!

Make the most of your time in Chania, Crete while staying at our beach resort. Take along your most favorite people and discover what the island has to offer! You will undoubtedly create wonderful memories through your experiences in Crete.

Traditional Walkway

The Municipality of Chania hosts every summer, the traditional event of “Paradosiaki Strata” (Traditional Walkway). Groups of local traditional associations, escorted by artists in traditional music instruments will be walking through the Venetian Harbor coast and then end up to the Cathedral Church (Chalidon St.), where a main event will be performed. It is definitely among the best experiences in Crete that you may witness.

The traditional singing and dancing as well as the attire will offer you a lifetime experience and will give you sounds and images of Chania Tradition & Culture.


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